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The 2014 Grimme Reunion took place on July 5, 2014 by Gavins Point Dam. Photos from this reunion can be seen in this gallery: Grimme Reunion Photos I have a professional printer, and can print beautiful prints. I you are interested, please contact me by phone or email. 605-351-4417 email:

The most recent photos I have uploaded are from the German Bratwurst Party at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. Students studying German were invited by Professor Lhotzky and wife Monica to a splendid German meal on campus. The brats and kraut were "ausgezeichnet." The link to these photos are here:
German Bratwurst Party

In March of this year, several Germans from Potsdam visited Sioux Falls. Potsdam is the sister city of Sioux Falls. My German Professor Stephan Lhotzky was their host for the week. I was able to take some photos on 3 occasions: The first evening at Minerva's in downtown Sioux Falls. The second set of photos are from a trip to a Hutterite Colony north of Madison, SD. And the third occasion is the planting of a spruce tree. The Germans purchased a tree as a gift to Sioux Falls. It was a "Thank You" for the visit. This tree was planted in McKennan Park in June. I took some photos of the tree planting. You can download the full size image of these photos by clicking on a photo. On the lower right hand side is a link to download a full size image.
The link to these photo galleries is here:
Germans visit Sioux Falls

The general link to most of my photos is here:
Dan Mueller Photo.

The Photos for the May 2013 German Honor Society can be found at this link:
German Photos

The most recent addition to the galleries is the 70th Anniversary of the SoDak Toastmasters of Sioux Falls. The link is here:
Toastmasters Photos (These photos are downloadable web sized photos.)

Recent photos of the German Society from November 2011 are
HERE. These photos may be downloaded for free. To do this, click on the photo. On the bottom of each photo is the opportunity to download the photos. The "download original" is a large, high resolution photo. The "medium" is a web sized photo for use on the internet (Facebook). You will be asked for your email address. This is only used for personal statistical purposes. Your address is never given to anyone else.

I have recently returned from a trip to Potsdam/Berlin, Germany. I am auditing German at Augustana College. For Spring Break, 12 of us Augie Students and my German Professor traveled to Germany to study the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik). Photos from this trip may be found here:
Reise nach Deutschland. I was the photographer for a fitness and bodybuilding show in Fargo, ND the end of March, 2011. Photos are here: 2011 Upper Midwest. And last fall I followed Br. John as he visited South Dakota. Br. John is from the Taizé Monastic Community in Taizé, France. Click here for a quick photo visit: Taizé Photos

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